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)]] == nekosynth == Since it was first released in 2004, the Disposable Soft Synth Interface has allowed Linux audio users to have simple plugin software synthesizers. Over time, the number of these has grown as users and coders have developed new plugins for particular sounds. Now, nekosynth brings some new plugins to enrich your sonic palette. This site is currently heavy on text and light on graphics. I hate "under construction" messages and graphics, but the site *is* pretty much under construction. Please try and stay off anything that looks wet or not bolted down properly. If you want an account so you can post tickets, request features and do other stuff like that, please send me an email - gordon@nekosynth.co.uk - and I'll sort it out. == The plugins == At the moment there are three plugins, only one of which is in any way ready to use. Recreate those squelchy acid sounds with [wiki:nekobee], a simple single-oscillator synth based on the Roland TB-303. For warm pads, have a look at [wiki:nekostring] (currently under development), which imitates the polyphonic string ensembles of the 1970s. Finally there is [wiki:wsynth Wsynth-DSSI], a hack on Xsynth-DSSI to allow wavetable synthesis. It's not really under active development any more, but a new re-written version will be started Real Soon Now. == SVN repository == To check out various modules use the following svn URL: * svn://www.nekosynth.co.uk/nekosynth/ with various modules under this URL, to see full list of them use the [http://www.nekosynth.co.uk/browser Browse Source] button in top menu. == Demo sounds == === nekobee === Rough mix of a demo track: [http://trac.nekosynth.co.uk/demos/nekodemo.mp3 nekodemo.mp3] === nekostring === Clean, with no additional effects: [http://trac.nekosynth.co.uk/demos/stringclean.mp3 stringclean.mp3] [http://trac.nekosynth.co.uk/demos/stringclean.ogg stringclean.ogg] Through a phaser and a bit of reverb: [http://trac.nekosynth.co.uk/demos/stringpad.mp3 stringpad.mp3] [http://trac.nekosynth.co.uk/demos/stringpad.ogg stringpad.ogg] Deeply resonant phased bass drone: [http://trac.nekosynth.co.uk/demos/stringbass.mp3 stringbass.mp3] [http://trac.nekosynth.co.uk/demos/stringbass.ogg stringbass.ogg] === nekoplunk === "Harp" settings: [http://trac.nekosynth.co.uk/demos/nekoplunk-harp.mp3 nekoplunk-harp.mp3] [http://trac.nekosynth.co.uk/demos/nekoplunk-harp.ogg nekoplunk-harp.ogg] Gritty "Clavinet" settings: [http://trac.nekosynth.co.uk/demos/nekoplunk-clavi.mp3 nekoplunk-clavi.mp3] [http://trac.nekosynth.co.uk/demos/nekoplunk-clavi.ogg nekoplunk-clavi.ogg]