Long overdue update…

Well, I'm still here, just really really busy. Only one tiny update to the plugins - Juuso Alasuutari sent in a patch to stop nekobee's configure script trying to detect gtk1.x libs. It won't build against these, so detecting their presence is silly. Thanks, Juuso. This patch is now in SVN trunk. I'm not going to release a tarball until I finish the mods to the filter to give better clipping and stability when sweeping the cutoff frequency through the pitch of the note that's playing at high resonance - at the moment the output goes massively offscale ('orrible loud noises).

I've cracked a couple of problems that were sticking me with the organ and string synth plugins, namely the phasing issues when you hit notes an octave apart. I will be writing up a page on how I propose to tackle the problem. Oh, and I might well switch the Karplus-Strong plugin to a phase accumulator delay line rather than changing the length of the delay line, thus allowing pitch bend and vibrato.

More of all this anon ;-)